Responsive website set up

I thought I’ll share my knowledge and experience when setting up new new project (responsive website).

If you’re web developer or somehow related to this industry you probably have your own way of working and structuring everything, however I’d like to explain my approach. Where do I start when project kicks in?

  1. Allocate some space on you hard drive or as in my example I use space on dropbox. I’m slightly paranoid about backing up files, I’m sure everyone have they own way of managing files.
    Basic file structure could be downloaded here, it includes four folders –  Account / Creative / Strategy / Technology also readme.txt file.
  2. When working with design all creative files should be placed inside Creative folder, I have created very basic Photoshop file which includes most of the mobile/tablet device sizes (1200/1024/800/600/480/320) and it could be downloaded here.
  3. When starting development I tent to download HTML5 boilerplate framework, and adjust CSS and HTML files to suit my needs.
  4. Set up basic responsive stylesheet, which could downloaded here with basic development set up.
  5. Tools that I use on the daily basis when it comes to development. Visual Studio 2010, Notepad++, Firefox (which includes extensions firebug, fireFTP, web developer toolbar, user agent switcher)

I will be exploring each point later on in series of posts.

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